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Having Problems with your Furnace and Need a Repair in Kingston?

You want your home to feel comfortable inside, no matter the weather outside. But that doesn’t mean you should pay outlandish fees to keep your furnace running. Fortunately, when you have a properly installed and maintained system, your furnace will run efficiently. An efficient furnace keeps your monthly bills low.

Here at Kingston Home Heating and Air Conditioning, our technicians have the tools and skills needed to maintain furnaces in Kingston. We make our services available at all hours of the day to stay on top of your heating needs.

Oil Heating

Think of your oil furnace as the heart of your home. In the winter, it's essential to radiating warmth. During the summer, it plays a vital role in moving refreshing, conditioned air from your cooling system. And all year long, your furnace could provide constant air circulation to keep you more comfortable. Not only that, but many of our oil furnaces do it all so efficiently your own heart might skip a beat when you see how low your utility bill is.

Electric Heating

With an electric furnace in Kingston, you convert electricity directly into heat. The heating element connects directly to a fan coil, which distributes the warmed air throughout your home.

To keep this system well-maintained, you’ll want to replace the filter around once a month.

But as with any other heater, small problems can quickly become big ones. Give us a call if replacing the filter doesn’t improve efficiency or if you have another concern.

Gas-Fired Heating

Gas-fired furnaces ignite gas to create heat. This flame heats the pipes, which then warms the air that circulates throughout your home. Today’s furnaces are very complicated and require skilled technicians. The system does present a risk if it cracks or leaks carbon monoxide.

At Kingston Home Heating, we recommend regular inspections to ensure your gas heater works safely.

Schedule Your Service Appointment

To schedule an appointment, call 613-389-5544. We'll send technicians to your home not long after you hang up the phone. For optimal service, check out our club membership options!

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