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Eight Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Heating Contractor

If you are shopping to replace or repair the cooling or heating systems in your home, it’s important to, first, consider a few key questions to ask before hiring an HVAC contractor.

One of the biggest issues with lack of performance with these systems is due to improper installation of ductwork and equipment, which can result in poor air quality, low efficiency for cooling or heating, and high-cost for energy bills.
Does the contractor work with trusted brands? Will they have the flexibility to work around your schedule? Do they offer a maintenance plan?

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Here are few questions to ask before hiring a heating contractor:


1. What is their service area?
Some heating contractors serve a limited area. Before you select a particular contractor, determine which areas they serve. Make sure your home is within their service area.


2. What is your schedule?
A schedule provides details about the start-end dates and outlines the tasks and timings. It is the duty of heating contractors to explain to the homeowner in layman’s terms about what they plan to do to their heating unit and how.


3. What is the number of people who will be sent to your project site?
It is better to have an idea about the number of people visiting your house. Ask your contractor about who will be sub-contractor in-charge for the daily work on site whom you can contact for any queries.


4. What is the estimate?
Ask your probable contractor for detailed estimates. Don’t rely on verbal agreements as they can be misunderstood or forgotten. Ask for written and an itemized estimate. All the various tasks such as ductwork and insulation should reflect on it.
You can mail or call us for an estimate.


5. Do they offer full HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning) services?
Try to understand whether your heating contractor offers only heating related services or multiple services related to heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Some contractors only deal with one type of service. It is better to have one contractor for all your heating and cooling needs.


6. Are they certified and can they provide their references?
Every province requires different certifications and licenses. Ask your potential contractor for certifications they hold. You can ask the company for their references and referrals.


7. Do they provide warranties and guarantees?
Ask for service and maintenance agreements. A guarantee will ensure you receive quality workmanship.
Most of our products come with a maximum of 10-year warranty which covers the cost of the parts if you require replacement or repair.


8. Will they be available on weekends or after hours for emergencies?
If your heating system fails at odd times such as midnight or early morning hours, your contractor should be available for repair.


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