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At Kingston Home Heating, we know that the quality of your home's indoor air is important, both to your comfort and to your health. That's why we help customers from Napanee, Elginburg and beyond install and maintain systems to keep their air pure and control humidity. Learn more about some of these systems below, or contact us today to get started.


Proper home ventilation can help combat a number of problems, from getting rid of bad odors to reducing the moisture in your home and preventing damage. Excessive moisture can lead to peeling paint, the growth of mold or even insect ventilation. It can also damage carpeting and electronics, furniture, wallpaper and more.

But proper ventilation can help, bringing fresh air from outdoors in while pushing out the stale, standing air inside your home. Good ventilation can help remove pollutants, and in turn promote better health for a home's occupant. We'll help you ensure that your home is a comfortable, healthy place to be.

The air in your building can become stale, old, and even foul smelling if your ventilation system breaks down and is left unfixed for a long period of time. We diagnose and repair any type of ventilation system and determine the best course of action to take to solve the problem before we act. Call us at Kingston Home Heating and we can have the air fresh and flowing through the air vents in no time at all.

Ventilation systems can be complex, but our highly trained technicians know all the best brand names in ventilation systems inside and out. With our practiced hands, we can install a ventilation system in your building that ensures every breath of air is clean and that all the air can reach even the rooms that are furthest from the system. Every floor and every room of your building will have clean, fresh air.

UV Lamps

If you're concerned about mold or bacteria, you may want to consider a UV lamp. These lamps kill these unhealthy pollutants, and prevent them from circulating in the air of your home.

High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filter

A HEPA filter is capable of removing up to 99.97% of all particles just 0.3 microns and larger in size, making it a perfect option for getting rid of a lot of unpleasant pollutants, including mold. HEPA vacuums, meanwhile, can also help combat mold, and are perfect removing pollen, dust and other particles.

While there are other filters available for smaller pollutants, HEPA filters work great for typical pollutants found in a home.

Heat Recovery

Heat recovery ventilation (HRV) is an efficient means of bringing fresh air into a building without losing ground in maintaining steady temperature and humidity. It also offers greater energy efficiency, which in turn can save you money.


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