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Air Quality Products in Kingston

Neat Worker

“Very personable technician,  neat worker and job well done.”

-        Steve K.

The importance of air-quality needs no explanation. Air quality directly impacts the quality of your health. The kind of lifestyle we lead today affects the air quality around in a number of ways. Earlier, we had to worry only about naturally occurring issues such as poor sunlight and humidity. Today, pollutants and pathogens also fill our air and travel straight into our bodies. Don’t compromise with your health - get in touch with us for great air quality products in Kingston. All our air quality products are supplied by Bryant® and come with a 10-year warranty.

Capture kills air purifier

Perfect Air Purifier

This purifier can kill up to 99% of captured germs, mould, and pollen and can capture up to 95% particles as small as .30 to 1.0 microns. It not only purifies the indoor air but also re-purifies it 8 times in the span of an hour. It comes with the following features:

Capture and Kills™ technology
Unmatched germicidal capability
MERV 15 filter that lasts long
Protects heating and cooling systems
100 times better air cleaning than portable units

This purifier is also effective against the pathogens or fungus that cause the following:

Coronavirus (SARS) but not tested for the recent COVID-19 spread
Common cold
Avian influenza
Bacillus subtilis
Human influenza
Tuberculosis surrogate
Common fungus
Smallpox surrogate
Wild type A influenza
Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Serratia marcescens
Staphylococcus aureus


The iWave comes with great benefits to any household or commercial space. The iWave-R is the world’s very first bi-polar ionization generator that needs almost no maintenance and self-cleans. The iWave works in a simple manner - when air floats around the device, the positive and negative ions kill germs, fungus and other pathogens in the air. But that’s not all - iWave also rids the air from odours, allergens, smoke and other harmful byproducts. Designed keeping in mind the needs of residential ducts, this system can kill mould and bacteria in the living space. For more information on iWave, click here.

UV Lamps

Moist heating and cooling spaces are ideal places for mould and bacteria to grow, but Bryant® UV lamps are specifically designed to attack and kill such agents. The system comes with a 5-year limited warranty and a 90-days warranty for the lamp. Its silent operation is well-suited for your family’s comfort and health.

Humidity Control

The humidity control system from Bryant® not only maintains perfect humidity levels in your house but also results in energy saving. From reducing your energy consumption bills to preventing health issues, a good humidity control system does it all. It also prevents the wooden products in your house from cracking or warping due to humidity. Schedule a maintenance appointment today to arrange for proper humidity control at your house.

Monthly payment available

Breathe Clean & Easy

Use our air quality products by Bryant® to breathe fresher, healthier air.

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