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3 Signs It's Time to Repair Your Furnace

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As a Canadian, you know how important it is to have a working furnace when the bitter cold of winter sets in. Namely, temperatures get so cold that it can be dangerous for those in your household if your furnace suddenly breaks down.


That's why it's so important that you take care of any necessary furnace repairs before winter. But how can you tell whether you need furnace repair? Read through this list and check for these warning signs.


1. Weak Airflow

If your airflow is very weak or no air blows at all, check your air filter. This can happen when your filter is so full of dust that it blocks the airflow completely. 


If that doesn't solve the problem, make sure that the system is set to come on and then check the furnace fan. Is it spinning quickly and quietly as it should be?


Or is it stopped, moving slowly, or making lots of noise? These latter signs indicate that your furnace fan needs repairing.


Another possible cause is a blockage in one of the air ducts or some other part of the system. Regardless, if you replace the filter and still have inadequate airflow, call for a furnace repair service.


2. The House Isn't Getting Warm Enough

Perhaps the airflow is fine but your house still isn't reaching the temperature you set. In this instance, it's still a good idea to check the filter and the fan. Also, make sure that your furnace isn't out of fuel.


Next, check the pilot light. Is it burning normally? Or is it completely out/struggling to stay lit?


If the light is out, you should be able to relight it using these steps. If these steps don't work, you should have your igniter professionally cleaned or replaced.


Lastly, if the fan, filter, fuel level, and pilot light all seem fine, call for professional repairs. The problem could be caused by leaky ducts, blockages, and any number of problems that amateurs shouldn't attempt to correct.


3. Fuel Burning Up Too Quickly

Finally, you may notice that your furnace burns up fuel very quickly. This is often a sign of a malfunctioning component or a blockage somewhere in the system.


Once again, you should make sure that you change your air filter regularly to prevent this. Also, you can try adjusting the oil pump pressure to correct this issue.


Lubricating the fan might help, too. If it doesn't, though, call a professional heating furnace repair service.


Get the Furnace Repair You Need

After reading this guide, does it seem like you need furnace repair? If so, don't wait until it's too late.

Call us at 613-389-5544 for emergency furnace repair or to make a service appointment. Or use our contact form to email Kingston Home Heating and Air.


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