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8 Ways to Reduce Your Air Conditioning Costs This Summer

woman controlling the air conditioner cooling using a remote

Summer brings a lot of joy to most people. You can enjoy long days at the beach, go to a dense forest for a hike, and enjoy a number of other outdoor activities! But, the rising temperature and the increasing humidity make it very difficult to spend time indoors. This results in long hours of air conditioning within your home, and you may end up paying very high electricity bills. This year, don’t let high energy costs ruin your summer.

Buy air conditioners from Kingston Home Heating to ensure a healthy and happy summer for your family. Here a few simple tricks to reduce your electricity consumption this


Turn off your AC at night

The temperature outside is cooler during nights. Just open your windows to let the evening breeze flow in. Make use of ceiling fans to avoid turning on your AC and save some dollars.


Make use of programmable thermostats

Programmable thermostats are energy-efficient tools that allow you to fix the temperature when you’re not at home or are asleep. You should set the device at an ideal temperature of around 22 and 24 degrees Celsius. Also, set the air conditioner temperature one degree higher than you would normally. Simple steps like this can help you in reducing the energy costs by up to 10%.


Purchase energy efficient appliances

If you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on electricity bills, buy ENERGY STAR certified air conditioners. These products meet the strict energy efficiency guidelines set by Canada’s Energy Efficiency Act. Take some time to optimize the performance of your air conditioning equipment. It will help you in saving energy in addition to enhancing the comfort of your home.


Kingston Home Heating can help you keep your home cool and relaxing this summer. To ensure that your AC functions efficiently, we offer seasonal air conditioning maintenance services.


Use Ventilation Systems for Cooling Your House

Ventilation is the most economical and energy-efficient method to cool buildings. Natural ventilation will suffice for cooling in some cases, where the temperature outside is not very high. Otherwise, it has to be supplemented with spot ventilation, ceiling fans, and window fans.


Check for thorough home insulation

Air leakage happens when the air from the outside enters your home through cracks and openings, and the conditioned air within is lost. This makes it much harder and expensive for you to cool your home. By reducing the flow of air in and out of your house, you can cut the price of cooling and maximize the functionality of your air conditioning system. Caulking and weather-stripping are the most effective air-sealing techniques. They offer quick returns on your investment. Caulk fills up the cracks and openings between stationary and foundational house components, for instance, window frames. Operational components such as doors and operable windows are fixed using a weather-stripping seal.


Replace the filters in your AC

You should clean or replace your air filter every month or at least once in two months. This will help you cut down on your air conditioner’s total energy consumption. Based on the types of filters, some are reusable and others must be replaced. Filters may require constant attention, depending on whether the air conditioner is in constant use or subjected to dusty conditions.


At Kingston Home Heating, we offer air conditioning repair services to the residents of Kingston and the surrounding Ontario region. Call our professionals today to schedule an AC checkup. We also install and maintain air quality control products to keep the air pure and control humidity.


Keep the curtains closed during the day

Use curtains and drapes to cover the windows and block out the sun completely. Use lighter shades of colors as they will deflect the sun’s scorching rays more effectively. Highly reflective blinds can help in reducing the heat gain by around 45%. By hanging shades very close to the window panes, you can block outdoor heat from radiating inside. You can also use tinted glass for your windows to prevent some of the sun’s heat from entering your house.


Prevent heat buildup

Devices such as television and computer generate a lot of heat. Excessive use of these devices will contribute to heat buildup in your home. Try to abstain from activities such as cooking on the stovetop. Instead, microwave the food or grill it outside. Also, wash your dishes by hand and let your clothes air-dry. These will prevent your AC from working overtime.


With the above steps, you can save a lot of money on electricity bills. If you want to get your AC inspected or require any kind of air conditioning service, contact Kingston Home Heating today!


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