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A Quick Guide to Furnace Maintenance

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The worst thing to experience in the winter is a broken furnace.  Can you imagine being stuck without heat in negative temperatures? But it could quickly become a reality if you don't take care of your furnace correctly.


Our latest blog will teach you ways to maintain your furnace and keep it in good condition. Read on to learn more.


Maintenance Check List

You should have yearly checkups for your furnace to ensure it is working efficiently. Sometimes, they may find out it is not performing at 100% during these checks. The furnace technician should check for:

  • thermostat calibration

  • gas line flow

  • heat exchanger

  • blower motor

  • fan operation

  • air handle 

Call a professional right away if it's emitting a foul smell, making rattling noises, or if the pilot light goes out on its own, even if you're not sure of the reason. You can rest assured a professional will evaluate the situation and handle it.


Change the Air Filters

Pollen, pet dander, dust, and hair will collect in the filter, which should be changed every three months. Poor air quality could lead to many health problems and conditions. Here's how to change it:

  1. Turn off the power supply to the furnace

  2. Remove service panel

  3. Take out the old filter

  4. Put in a new filter

  5. Turn furnace on

If you want to maintain indoor air quality and furnace efficiency, set a notification on your phone calendar to remind you to change the furnace filter every three months. For most people, the biggest issue is just remembering to do it.


Hiring a professional furnace company to perform regular maintenance is the most convenient and money-saving route. Any error could risk your health, not to mention cost you a furnace replacement. Why put it off when you know a pro can take care of it with ease?


Stay Cozy This Winter with Furnace Maintenance!

You'll be more relaxed and confident this winter if you have your furnace maintenance all scheduled out. No one wants to spend the holidays fixing the furnace. Stay safe this season, and if you have any doubts, call Kingston Home Heating. We offer reliable furnace maintenance services in the Kingston area.


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