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Different Types of Heating Systems for Your Home

Professional explaining the customer about Heating Systems

There are many ways to heat your home. Whether your system is gas powered or electric, it serves the same purpose: to stave off the extreme cold of our harsh Canadian winters. It’s important to know which type of heating system you use in your house, as this allows you to have a better idea of how your system functions and what to do if any part of it stops working. At Kingston Home Heating, we’re heating contractors that provide furnace repair services to homeowners in the Kingston area. Let us walk you through some of the different types of home heating.



The majority of households in Canada are heated by a central furnace that exists somewhere in the home (generally the basement). This central unit heats the air and blows it through the ducts in your house to deliver warm air throughout the various rooms. The air comes out of a number of grills that are placed in key locations throughout your home. This type of heating system is also referred to as a forced air distribution system. Furnaces can be powered by natural gas, oil, propane or electricity. Propane is probably the most common and a good choice as it’s affordable, environmentally friendly and efficient to run. You won’t break the bank heating your home if you use propane.



Boilers function by heating water, which is then distributed throughout the house to raise the temperature of each room. The hot water passes through radiators that are placed in different rooms throughout the house. This is what gives off heat and is responsible for getting your home to its desired temperature. Boiler systems are also sometimes referred to as hydronic heating. Additionally, in some cases, these systems will circulate hot water through plastic tubing installed beneath your floorboards. Frequently, boilers are powered by gas. However, all the same fuel sources used with furnaces (oil, propane and electricity) are also available.


Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are different than both furnaces and boilers. They have the ability to both heat up and cool off your house—all in one system! In the summer, when the air inside is hot, it takes the heat from inside the house and moves it outdoors. In the winter, it does the reverse: it takes heat from outside and moves it inside (with the help of your units electrical system of course).

If you require furnace repair or a heating contractor in the Kingston area, give Kingston Home Heating a call.


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