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Is your air conditioning unit performing as well as it should?

air conditioning unit

If keeping your family comfortable is a priority for you, then you probably want your air conditioning unit to be reliable enough to weather the hot summer days of Kingston.

If you own an air conditioning unit and you live in Kingston, it might be wise to learn a few maintenance tips from your local AC technician. This will keep your unit running longer and will avoid costly repairs that come from poor maintenance.

Let’s take a look at five of the most common issues you might have with your AC unit this summer:


1. Improper operation. If your AC doesn’t seem to work as well as it once did, check to make sure all windows and doors are kept closed while it’s running, and that nothing is blocking air returns and vents. You’d be surprised to know how often AC

effectiveness drops simply because of user oversight!

2. Tripped breakers. The first thing to do if your AC stops working completely is check its circuit breakers and to let your AC cool five minutes before resetting the breakers. If your unit’s high-pressure limit switch has tripped—you can reset it on the

compressor’s access panel. A breaker that trips occasionally is usually not a cause for concern, but if it happens repeatedly, you should consult an AC technician—it could be a sign there is something wrong with the wiring or the unit.

3. Low refrigerant. If your AC is struggling, it may be because of incorrect refrigerant levels—too low or too high. This could be the result of improper charging or a leak. If there’s a leak, a knowledgeable air condition technician in Kingston will be able to find it; fix it; and recharge it to the manufacturer’s exact specifications. Anything less—or more—means your compressor is working harder than it should to cool your home.

4. Neglected maintenance. All too often, a defective air conditioning unit is usually the result of poor maintenance. If you haven’t purchased a preventive maintenance program from the manufacturer, you will need to replace filters regularly yourself and check to make sure the coils, fins and fan are free of dirt and debris.

5. Unit not sized properly. If your AC cycles on and off constantly, or the opposite—it hardly ever turns off—it could mean that your unit is not properly sized for your home.


If you live in Kingston and want your air conditioning unit to keep running like new this summer, Contact us at Kingston Home Heating! At Kingston Home Heating, we have been installing and servicing AC units in Kingston and area for over 25 years!



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