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The Ultimate Guide to Furnace Noises and What They Mean

Furnace noises

Canada's heating up! 51% of Canadian households rely on forced air furnaces to keep them warm during winter. That makes furnaces the most common heating system in the country.

Yet few people know what to do when their furnace is making noise. You shouldn't panic. You should study furnace noises and their meaning and devise simple steps to resolve the situation.

What are the most common furnace noises in Canada? What causes these loud noises, and how can you fix your furnace? When should you hire a furnace repair company?

Answer these questions, and you can have a warm and quiet winter. Here is your quick guide to furnace noises.



If you hear a click as your furnace turns on, you shouldn't panic. The click is just the sound of your igniter lighting the fuel in your furnace.

However, repeated clicking can be a sign of several problems. If your furnace clicks but fails to turn on, the gas may leak, or a wire may be loose. If your furnace runs but keeps clicking, the compressor may be damaged, or the control panel may malfunction.



Dull rumbling may occur due to a loose bolt or a broken fan. If you can track where the rumbling is coming from, you may be able to fix the problem. Turn your furnace off, visually inspect it with a flashlight, and fix the bolt or fan.

Loud furnace noises may indicate that gas is building up inside your furnace. The gas may ignite and create a fire when you ignite the furnace. You should inspect your fuel line to see if it leaks and then call a furnace repair technician for help.



A loud bang may occur from a gas explosion in your furnace. Dirt and debris can also create bangs when they come into contact with hot air.

You should inspect your furnace after one loud bang and clean it. But if you keep hearing loud booms, a professional should inspect them for leaks and broken vents. Do not continue using your furnace, as leaking gas can cause carbon monoxide poisoning.



It can whistle when air passes through small gaps in a clogged filter or vent. You should get close to your vent if you keep hearing whistling as your furnace is running.


If the sound is coming from the vent, you should clean it. You may also want to clean your ducts to remove any debris caught further back in your system.

You should also replace your filters with new ones. Make sure you install exact replicas of your old filters, as installing bigger ones can hurt the air circulation.


The Most Common Furnace Noises and What They Mean

You must understand furnace noises and what they mean to keep your furnace up to speed. Hearing one click is common, but frequent clicking or rumbling may indicate a problem. You should inspect your igniter and vents and make fixes like screwing bolts into place.

You should clean your system and remove any dust and debris if you hear whistling. Loud bangs are never okay. You must turn your unit off and get help from a technician.

The longer you wait, the louder the noises. Kingston Home Heating and Air serves Kingston, residents. Schedule an appointment today.



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